UC Liberal Arts Program

The UC Liberal Arts program at UCU will start later this month. The workshops are open to all UC teachers in the Netherlands.


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Further information about the content and goals of these workshops and about how to register can be found in this document: Brochure UC Liberal Arts 2015-2016

An extensive  description of each workshop can be found by following these links:

September 29, Evoking Excellence, Rob van der Vaart

October 27, Teacher as Advisor, Jocelyn Ballantyne and Christel Lutz

November 10, Leading Discussions, Floris van der Burg and Gaetano Fiorin

December 8, Motivation in the Liberal Arts, Christel Lutz and Jan van Tartwijk

February 16, Teaching across a Language Divide, Annemieke Meijer

March 8, Interdisciplinary Teaching, Ria van der Lecq

March 29, The International Classroom, Lonia Jakubowska

April 29, Liberal Arts Ideals and Curriculum, fellows